Success Story: Electric Contact

electric-contactMiniature Casting Corporation designed this part in EZAC™, a new high performance Zinc alloy from Eastern Alloys, which stands out with its excellent flow characteristics and creep resistance, as well as superior strength, to create a thin-walled, smooth-finished part with virtually no draft on the piece. The contact is produced through Miniature Casting Corporation’s precision die casting process, easily holding critical dimensions to tolerances of +/- 0.12 mm.

Because the part is over-molded, zinc was an excellent choice of metal to meet the pressure issues, as well as the conductivity requirements. Another functionality of zinc is its excellent plating capabilities. In the case of this contact, MCC produced a near flawless surface in manufacturing and plated the piece in an electroless nickel finish that coated very evenly throughout the part, even deep inside the pin. The strength of EZAC™ was necessary for successful vibration testing.

The parts are tapped in-house to add a drill hole on one side of the part. Because this piece is over molded, it is produced and tapped in Miniature Casting Corporation’s facility in Cranston, Rhode Island, plated and shipped by MCC directly to China for the further processing.

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