Value Added Services

Secondary Operations

One of the great advantages of die casting versus other processes is the fact that complex shapes and features can be achieved without multiple operations, with minimal waste and scrap, and in an efficient and economical way.

At Miniature Casting, we focus to design a tool for your part, which incorporates as many features as possible in order to avoid secondary operations and machining. The as-cast part is the most cost effective solution, and that is what we are aiming for.

Certain geometries and features are however impossible to obtain from an as-cast part, and we therefore offer a variety of secondary machining processes, which are performed in-house.



Zinc die casting alloys are readily tapped and form excellent thread and hole quality. Threads can be cut or roll formed, depending on the customer’s requirement. At Miniature Casting we have both fully automated and semi-automatic tapping equipment for high volume production.


In exceptional cases, when holes cannot be cored during the casting process, we also offer economical drilling operations.

Assembly & Special Packaging

We will be happy to quote additional services such as product assembly or specialty packaging, depending on your specific needs.

Plating and other surface finishes are performed to your specifications, through an external network of very capable, reliable and high quality subcontractors. Whether you need a decorative finish or corrosion protection, we will find the best solution for you.

Trivalent Chromate (RoHS compliant), Electroless Nickel, Bright Nickel, Sulfamate Nickel, Black Nickel, Chrome, Powder Coat and Black e-coat are among the most popular surface finishes, and we will be happy to quote alternative finishes based on your needs.